Why Buy From PBR?

  • Uncompromising Customer Service - We will do everything we can to provide you with exactly what you need
  • Expert Advice & Assistance - 30+ years experience in rowing as competitors and coaches
  • Total Support for You and Your Rowing Program - Just tell us how we can help
  • On Site Regatta Support - There for you when you need us most
  • Outstanding Communication - We Are Always a Phone Call Away!
  • The World's Most Popular Elite Boat
  • The Best Value Boats
"When you buy from us we make a genuine commitment to assist you and/or your program to have the most enjoyable, successful and rewarding experience possible. We are passionate about rowing, promoting rowing and getting more people involved in rowing at all levels. That is why we sell the best boats, and the best value boats. If you need help, just tell us what we can do to assist you and we will be there for you "
Alastair Isherwood
Former World Rowing Champion

Katelyn Johnson

Director - Logistics & Finance

Katelyn rowed at Firbank Grammar and coached at Firbank for 9 years before founding Perfect balance Rowing with Alastair. "I wanted to stay involved in rowing because I love the sport so much, but for me it was important to pursue a career at the same time. The opportunity to start a new business and try to provide a new level of customer support to the Australian rowing community was too good to pass up. My goal is to make the job of the Coaches and support staff as easy as possible so they can focus on using their time to optimise the experience for their athletes"


Alastair Isherwood

Director - Customer Support & Sales

Alastair brings 30+ years experience in rowing as an elite rower, elite coach and rowing consultant to PBR. "For me PBR offers the opportunity to engage more in the sport I love, and to help and support the numerous fantastic people I know and their rowing programs. While I love coaching, I feel that through PBR I will be able to make a greater contribution to Australian rowing and give back to the sport that I love so much. Ultimately for me it is about getting as many people enjoying the sport as possible"