Swift Boats in Stock

The days of ordering a boat and waiting for it to be delivered are coming to an end.   We manufacture and import our most popular models and stock these at our factory ready to be delivered to our customers. As out business grows we will continue to invest in stock to provide the best possible range of boats to be purchased “off the shelf”.  The key with these boats is to get your deposit down as early as possible as often they are sold prior to arriving.

Boat TypeYear of ManufactureRigger TypeCrew Weight RangeConstruction TypePrice (Includes GST)
 1x 2019 Aluminium Wing Sweep & Sculling 57-70kgs Carbon Elite $6,990
 1x (colour: blue) 2019 Aluminium Wing Sweep & Sculling 75-90kgs Carbon Elite $6,990
2x/2-2019Aluminium Wing Sweep & Sculling70-85kgsCarbon Elite$11,990.00
2x/2-2019Aluminium Wing Sweep & Sculling85-100kgsClub A$9,490.00
4x+/4+ (stern coxed)2019Aluminium Wing Sweep & Sculling60-80kgsCarbon Elite$20,490.00
4x/4-2019Aluminium Wing Sweep & Sculling60-80kgsClub A$15,990.00
4x/4-2019Aluminium Wing Sweep & Sculling60-80kgsCarbon Elite$19,990.00
 Coastal 2x (Ex Worlds) – Red Deck 2019 Aluminium folding sculling 65-95kgs Club A $8,540.00
Coastal 2x (Ex Worlds) – Blue Deck 2019 Aluminium folding sculling 65-95kgs Club A $8540.00

All boats in stock include:

  • Aluminium Sweep and Sculling Riggers
  • Quick release rigger system
  • Boat Cover
  • Rigger Covers
  • Project B Rowing Shoes
  • CoxOrb speaker system (Coxed boats)
  • 5 year hull and 2 year parts warranty


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