Swift Boats in Stock

The days of ordering a boat and waiting for it to be delivered are coming to an end.   We manufacture and import our most popular models and stock these at our factory ready to be delivered to our customers. As out business grows we will continue to invest in stock to provide the best possible range of boats to be purchased “off the shelf”.  The key with these boats is to get your deposit down as early as possible as often they are sold prior to arriving.

All boats come with a 5 year warranty on the hull and 2 years on fixtures and fittings.

All boats in stock include:


ConstructionClassYearMould#Weight RangePrice (incl GST)
Carbon Elite1x2021107-57-70kgs$7,490
Carbon Elite1x2021104-70-83kgs$7,490
Carbon Elite1x2021103-83-100kgs$7,490
Club B1x2021105-50-65kgs$4,390
Club B1x2021105-50-65kgs$4,390
Carbon Elite1x2021110-75-90kgs$7,490


ConstructionClassYearMould#Weight RangePrice (incl GST)
Club A2-/2x2021206-57-75kgs$9,990
Carbon Elite2-/2x2021210-70-85kgs$12,490
Club A2-/2x2021210-70-85kgs$9,990


ConstructionClassYearMould#Weight RangePrice (incl GST)
Carbon Elite4x/4-2021406-60-80kgs$19,990