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  • Filippi Rowing Shoes

    $475.00 incl. GST

    Premium rowing shoes with adjustable soul similar to the Batlogic System that allows the foot to maintain a strong connection to the footstretcher through the entire stroke cycle.  Price includes free shipping.  Please note we do not carry stock – these are a special order item only

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  • Against Rowing Shoes

    $258.00 incl. GST

    Premium, hand made rowing shoes.

  • Batlogic Quick Release System

    $66.00 incl. GST

    The full QuickRelease System allows you to use your own rowing shoes every time you row and comes with a pair of BasePlate cleats for your foot stretcher and a pair of ShoePlate Tops, which attach to almost any shoe for rowing. Fits all major boats, ergo (with the BAT Logic ErgAdaptor) and rowing shoes….

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  • Batlogic Quick Release System – Shoe Plate Top Only

    $50.00 incl. GST

    The patented plate that attaches to your own rowing shoes and clicks into the BasePlate cleats, allowing you to use your own shoes every time you row. No more shared shoes, enhanced hygiene for all rowers, improved performance and the great feeling of knowing you will enjoy every row in any boat. Provides performance gains…

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  • Batlogic Quick Release System – Base Plates Only

    $16.00 incl. GST

    The QuickRelease System already comes standard with 1 pair of BasePlate Cleats (the small grey cleat parts) but any extra boats / seats can be fitted with extra BasePlates to allow you to simply click  ShoePlate Tops in across all boats. BasePlates are simple, tough, super lightweight and won’t wear out like conventional bike cleats….

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