Rowing Boats - Coxless Fours & Quads

"The fastest growing category of boat class in Australia for masters rowers is the coxless four/quad. There are two standout moulds here, the 406 & 407. Every crew in every club will be covered off with these two boats in your shed. Legendary hull designs that have won a huge number of medals internationally, you can row these boats with confidence knowing you have the best possible chance of a great result"
Alastair Isherwood
Former World Rowing Champion

Coxless Fours & Quads - 5 shapes available

Mould #






Crew weight – kgs






Length – cms






Waterline Beam -cms






Boat Shapes

The single most important factor to consider when choosing a racing boat is the design weight. To maximise your crew’s speed, it is essential they row in a boat suitable for their weight. Swift Racing offers an extensive range of 29 boat moulds (perhaps the most of any boat manufacturer). Not only does this ensure you are rowing a boat designed for your crew’s weight, that is not a “cut down” version of a larger boat, it is also likely you will have a choice of suitable moulds to optimise your rowing experience.

Coxless Fours (4-) Price List

Club B

Unbelievable value
$ 13490 including GST
  • Workhorse
  • Great for clubs and schools
  • Fibreglass/coremat construction

Club A

Competition Grade
$ 15990 Including GST
  • Competition stiffness
  • Built to last
  • Kevlar/coremat/carbon construction

Carbon Elite

Performance Grade
$ 19490 Including GST
  • Minimum weight
  • Maximum quality
  • Kevlar/honeycomb/carbon construction

Carbon Pro

Ultimate Performance
$ 23490 Including GST
  • Full carbon construction
  • Maximum stiffness
  • Super lightweight
  • Full carbon honeycomb construction

Coxless Quads (4x) Price List

Club B

Unbelievable value
$ 13490 including GST

Club A

Competition Grade
$ 15990 Including GST

Carbon Elite

Performance Grade
$ 19490 Including GST

Carbon Pro

Ultimate Performance
$ 23490 Including GST

Coxless Four/Quad Price List

Club B

Unbelievable value
$ 13990 including GST

Club A

Competition Grade
$ 16490 Including GST

Carbon Elite

Performance Grade
$ 19990 Including GST

Carbon Pro

Ultimate Performance
$ 23990 Including GST

Standard Features on Every Swift Boat

All coxed boats include a CoxOrb speaker system with seat rate sensor as standard

All boats come standard with Aluminium wing riggers.

For single sculls and double sculls there is the options of the reverse mount wing rigger

A sweep version of the reverse mount rigger is coming soon

Carbon wing riggers are coming soon

All boats are supplied with rigger covers

  • All boats are supplied with Against rowing shoes as standard
  • The Carbon Pro and Carbon Elite boats come standard with white hull, black bow and stern tips and a clear coat carbon cockpit.  You can view pictures here
  • The Club A come standard with white hull, black bow and stern tips and a clear coat carbon/kevlar cockpit
  • The Club B boats come standard with white hull, black bow and stern tips and a painted cockpit.  You can view pictures here
  • There are custom colour options available, please see below

All Swift boats come with a standard 3 year warranty on the hull and a 2 year warranty on fittings

Additional options for all Swift Boats

Quick release system for all riggers and seats in boat – $127.50 per seat

Available for Single Scull and Double Scull Boats only – No Cost Option

A popular option is to purchase a boat cover for your boat.  These covers are very high quality and will esure your boat remains protected on the road and at regattas and training camps.

Single – $250

Pair/Double – $350

Four/Quad – $450

Eight – $650

Custom A

Main is white, trim is other than black


Custom B

Main is NOT white, trim is either black or other colour


Custom C

Any other colour options for hull, canvas or trim



All trim colours possible

$40 per chevron (maximum of 6) 

Boat name

Font: Garamond Halbfett (or custom)


  • Quads/Fours – 2 Speaker System with Seat rating sensor – $249 (+$100 with impeller)
  • Eights – 3 speaker system with seat rating sensor – $349 (+$100 with impeller)
  • Eights – 4 speaker system with seat rating sensor – $399 (+$100 with impeller)
  • Carbon Pro and Elite boats are supplied with Project B shoes as standard
  • Club A and Club B boats are supplied with Swift shoes as standard
  • Against Rowing Shoe Upgrade – $150 per seat 
  • Batlogic Quick Release Plate – $95 per seat

Braca Recreational

Sculling only

$599/$799 per seat

Braca Standard


$619/$869 per seat

Braca Ultralight


$649/$899 per seat

Braca Ultralight Nano


$699/$999 per seat

Swift trestles – tall

One pair (86cms tall)


Swift trestles – small

One pair (61cms tall)


PBR trestles – large

One pair large


PBR trestles – small

One pair small


KayakPro roof carrier


·         1 x 7 foot flat bar and fittings

·         2 x detachable V racks

·         4 x bungee cords

·         2 x boat ties

·         1 x red stern flag

·         Installation instructions

Note: roof racks required, check compliance of your vehicle with local roads authority prior to use


Impeller upgrade to Coxorb Speaker System – $200

Coxorb ActiveRate


·         Rate meter unit

·         Standard mounting bracket

·         Hinged mounting bracket

·         Protective silicon bumper


Coxorb ActiveTime


Coxorb Steel coxbox


·         Microphone

·         Charger

·         Carry case

·         Maintenance kit

·         Blue and pink headbands


Coxorb Cobalt coxbox


Coxorb Tungsten coxbox


Coxorb Platinum coxbox




·         Seat pad

·         Adjustable foam inserts

·         Carry bag




Coaches tool bag

Swift bum bag containing:

·         10mm ratchet spanner

·         13mm ratchet spanner

·         2 x 17/19mm open ended spanner

·         5m tape measure

·         Box cutter

·         Multi screwdriver

·         10mm spin tight

·         13mm spin tight



A general note about rowing boat construction. Honeycomb, or foam sandwich hulls, have become the standard for rowing boat construction. The method of construction used by boat manufacturers is surprisingly similar. A selection of carbon, Kevlar, and fibreglass layers are bonded to a core material (usually honeycomb or coremat). These are then heat-cured under vacuum at high temperatures to set. A core material is used to make a sandwich structure in order to increase hull thickness. This is directly correlated to boat stiffness. As honeycomb is very lightweight, it makes an ideal core material. Coremat is used as an alternate core material, however because of its greater density it results in a heavier boat. Coremat does however offer better impact resistance, and is easier to repair than honeycomb.

Construction Type




Carbon ProHoneycombCarbon/ Honeycomb/ CarbonMinimum weight and maximum stiffness boat for those that want the best
Carbon EliteHoneycombKevlar/Honeycomb/ Carbon KevlarMinimum weight for the budget conscious competitor
Club ACorematKevlar/Coremat/ Carbon KevlarA competition boat that is built to last
Club BCorematFibreglass/Coremat/ FibreglassA workhorse! Great for Schools and clubs wanting a durable, reliable boat

Spare Parts

A downloadable catalogue of all parts and accessories is available here. All items are available to purchase online. For program leaders there is the option to generate a list for a purchase order.


Boats Currently in Stock

PBR distinguishes itself from other manufacturers by having the most popular Swift moulds in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Click on the box below to view current boats in stock.

Rewards Program

Many of our customers are benefiting from our rewards program, with cheaper boats or more of them. The prices on our price list are what all our customers pay - we are completely fair and transparent in pricing. In lieu of offering discounts, we reward our loyal customers through our rewards program. Please visit the PBR website or contact us for more information.

Order Windows

Boats are generally delivered in each quarter throughout the year. Please contact us for details of the next order window. In addition, we try to keep boats in stock to service customer needs immediately or reduce wait times where possible.

Viewing Opportunities

PBR travels to as many regattas as possible and on most occasions have a boat on display. If you are interested in viewing our range of boats, please do not hesitate to contact Katelyn or Alastair.