Filippi Boats

"For the team at PBR providing the best possible equipment to Australia's rowers means we have to offer Filippi boats. If you are looking for the Ferrari of rowing boats then it has to be a Filippi! The quality of finish, the attention to detail and the thought put into the design and execution of all elements of the boat reflect a level of excellence not available in any other brand. The fact that so many of the World's best rowers choose Filippi, excel in Filippi and win in Filippi says it all"
Alastair Isherwood
Former World Rowing Champion

Single Sculls

Ria Thompson - 2019 U23 World Champion in the Women's Single Scull


Croatia - 2019 World Champion in the Men's Pair

Double Sculls

New Zealand - 2019 World Champions in the Women's Double Scull

Coxless Fours

Poland - 2019 World Champions in the Men's Coxless Four's Single Scull

Coxed Fours/Quads

Australia - 2019 U23 World Champions in the Men's Coxed Four

Quad Sculls

Netherlands - 2019 World Champions in the Men's Quad Scull


New Zealand - 2019 World Champions in the Women's Eight
  • Boats used by Rowing Australia at Junior, Under 23 and Senior level in preparations for the World Championships Regattas
  • As new, excellent condition, all 2018 Built Boats
  • Carbon Wing Pair/Doubles from $18,590, Fours/Quads from $23,590
  • Multi Boat Purchase Discount - ideal for programs wanting to update their fleet quickly
  • Immediate Delivery - available now!
  • Boats available to view at our showroom in Melbourne

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