Filippi Boats in Stock

Depending on the time of the year we carry stock of Filippi boats.  These boats are either brand new, Ex World Championship lease boats or Ex Rowing Australia Team boats.  In order to ensure we provide you with the best possible boat for your needs in a timely manner please contact us to discuss the options available to you.

Boat Type Year of Manufacture Features Serial # Crew Weight Range Price (Including GST)
 1x – New Boat  2019  Reverse Carbon Wing Sculling
F39IB9E5  85-105kgs  $17,990.00
1x (Ex Worlds)  2019  Reverse Carbon Wing Sculling F44AB9JM  50-60 $14,990.00
2X (Ex RA) 2018 Carbon Wing Sculling F36AB8ZS 50-65kgs $16,990.00
2X (Ex RA) 2018 Reverse Carbon Wing Sculling F13CB7WK 65-75kgs $17,990.00
2X (Ex RA) 2018 Reverse Carbon Wing Sculling F17HB7AG 85-105kgs $17,990.00
4X (Ex RA) 2018 Reverse Carbon Wing Sculling F38HB8H9 85-100kgs $27,990.00
4X/4-* (Ex RA) 2018 Carbon Wing Sweep & Sculling F40HB7AX 85-100kgs $33,990.00
*Rowing Australia Colours: Silver with green and gold striping


Contact us via email or call Alastair on 0488 622 208